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ACT Communications Inc. produces the finest electrical design products in its niche markets. Our expertise ranges from Power Quality Products (like Surge Protection & AC Filters) designed and priced for residential, commercial and industrial markets. ACT Communications also builds a full product range of Telecom Products (Surge Protection & Custom Electrical Assemblies) to special Commercial OEM Electronics (Custom Designs).

Being an engineering driven company, we understand the importance of finding innovative, cost-effective solutions with electrical-based products which makes us successful in producing both off-the-shelf designs used by thousands in large quantities, to quick turn OEM electrical circuits that solve specific problems.

Our goal is to produce for you the highest quality electrical products that will solve your specific problems. ACT Communications believes in the value of being made "100% in the USA". This concept begins as company policy in our board room, continues through our innovative designs, on to how we support our part suppliers, and finally to how we build and ship our well-crafted products. If you don't see what you're looking for, please call one of our representatives to discuss your project, ideas and any product needs.

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