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With over $700 million in equipment damage being filed with North America insurance companies, Surge Protection should be a serious consideration for all residences with AC Power, Telecom and Networks wired into your house. Both government and independent studies clearly show that your electronic devices like Computers, Printers, Video, Home Security and also your new electronic based appliances like a Stove, Refrigerator, Washer and Dryer are all susceptible to serious damage without surge protection devices installed at both the distribution panel and at many of your wall outlets.

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Because damaging surges come from not only outside the home (like lightning and bad power from the power company), but 80% of all power quality events actually originate from inside your home. Whether from the outside or generated from inside your home, 100% of the transient and noise is harmful to any electronic item plugged into your power, cable or Ethernet.

ACT Communications manufactures a wide range of AC, DC and Data protectors for your home. Give us a call to discuss what you need to protect your Home.

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