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Telecom / Data / Alarm Surge Protection

Product Solutions

ACT 422
Telephone/Ethernet Protector

ACT 422
D-sub Serial Surge Protection

ACT 422 200 Series
Telecom/Datacom Protector
DIN Rail Mounted

ACT 422 DLU DIN Rail
Designed to protect sensitive datacom, alarm and telephone lines while mounted to industry-standard DIN rail.

ACT 423-007-BNC
(C/V or V)
Coax Cable Surge Suppressor

ACT 424-065-XXX RF
Coax Surge Arrestor

ACT 424-GT Series
Gas Tube RF

ACT 424-1/4W Quarterwave
RF Coax Surge Arrestor

ACT SS64 & SS65
Data/Signal Line Family
Industrial Data Protection Device



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