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electrical protection strategy

FOCUS: 6-Point Protection Strategy

ACT Communications recommends using a Six Point Protection Strategy that, when used, will allow its customer to plan and implement one of the most effective protection strategies for their facility.
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FOCUS: Ballast Survival Testing

This paper documents testing performed to determine the sensitivity of currently available electronic lighting ballasts for fluorescent lighting to surges which may be created both internal and external to a users facility. The ability of surge protective devices to protect these ballasts from surges is also demonstrated through tests documented in this paper.
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FOCUS: Effects of a filter/ protection system on the Facility Maintenance Budget

In this evaluation, Wal-Mart will investigate the potential to improve facility electrical performance and reduce its facility electrical maintenance budget by deploying power quality filters and surge protection throughout selected facilities and parking lots.
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200kAIC Report - ETL Listing Evaluation of Surge Protector Devices
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Approved SVR Changes - Report No. 3157187DAL-001A
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453 ETL Test Report - Report No. 3157187DAL-001A
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