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Since the late 1980’s, the industrial market like Waste Water Treatment, Factories and Chemical Refineries, has been transitioning over from an electrical environment to a purely electronic environment. This electronic environment includes not only specialty equipment like Industrial Control Panels, Robotics, Computers, Printers, but also includes Facility Alarm & Security, and energy saving devices like lighting ballast and Variable Frequency Drives. This means that equipment failures can be caused by anomalies that originate from the outside and inside the industrial facility. Not only is the electronic equipment more sensitive from outside transients, but their power supplies generate high frequency noise that will hurt other electronic equipment tied to the same power bus.

ACT Communications manufactures a wide range of AC, DC and Data protectors for your business. Give us a call to discuss what you need to protect within your industrial property.

Product Solutions AC Products

Selenium Hybrid Power Filter Device (Up to 320kA 7 Mode)

ACT 471 PB
Primary Surge Protection/Filter Device (Up to 320kA 7 Mode)

ACT 471
Modular Primary panel or Switchgear Surge Protection Device (Up to 320kA 7 Mode)

ACT 455
Primary Panel or Switchgear Surge Protection Device (100 kA 7 Mode)

ACT 453
Distribution Panel AC Surge Protection Device (100 kA 4 Mode)

ACT 452
Point of Use and Distribution Panel AC Surge Protection Device (40 kA 4 Mode)

ACT 450 LT 15 & 30 Amp
Connected filter protector in DIN Rail mounting

Light Pole Arrestor

ACT 320
Power Factor Filter

ACT 350
Line Reactor Filter

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ACT 470
Advanced EMI/Noise Filter

PowerSeptic Conditioned Power Distribution Panel

Product Solutions DC and Telephone Products


Give us a call to discuss your upcoming project - (903) 583-8097.