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ACT Green Products

Think GreenAs part of our Green Initiative, ACT offers a line of products designed to improve power quality and help your home work more efficiently. The power in your home must be as clean as possible to ensure proper operation of your sensitive electronic devices (TV, Computer, Stereo, etc.) and even your important electrical devices like HVAC, Dryers, Freezers, Pool Pump and Refrigerators. Poor power quality means your products have to work harder (meaning wasted electricity) and have a much shorter life than expected.

Protecting Your Green Investment

With Utility fed power projected to increase by 31% over the next ten years, many people are looking at shifting over to alternate power sources.

Because both solar and wind energy requires sensitive parts to be exposed to the harsh environments, surge protection is the key product to protecting the both Commercial and Homeowners expensive investment. The amount of protection will be directly related to the actual risk to damage. Read more >>


Product Solutions

ACT SV200 SaveVar
Home Power Quality Filter

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ACT 320
Power Factor Filter


Certified Green


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