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Cable Location Protection Devices

Hundreds of thousands of miles of Fiber Cable has been buried across North America from Long Haul applications to local area networks. When buried cable needs to be located, a Telephone company has basically two choices; hard ground at each splice point (making long range location impossible) or by installing the ACT 44X family of surge products through out their network.

Product Solutions

ACT 442
Pedestal Mounted Surge Arrestor

ACT 444 Family
Handhold Surge Arrestor

ACT 4454/4456
Dual Direction Switch and Protectors
Quad Direction Switch and Protectors

Dual Direction Protection
w/Isolation Grounding Bar

ACT 447
60 Hz Band Reject Filter and Protector

ACT 422
Telephone Protector

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Technical Information

>Cable Location Application / Technical Guide


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