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Since the late 1980’s, the Commercial market like Retail, Healthcare and Financial has been transitioning over from an electrical environment to a purely electronic environment. This electronic environment includes specialty equipment like computers, printers, cash registers, IT rooms, alarm & facility security as well as energy saving devices like lighting ballast and Variable Frequency Drives. The problem is that all electronic devices are inherently more sensitive to transient and noise on the power lines. This means that equipment failures can be caused by anomalies that originate from the outside and inside the commercial facility. Not only is the electronic equipment more sensitive from outside transients, but their power supplies generate high frequency noise that will hurt other electronic equipment tied to the same power bus.

ACT Communications manufactures a wide range of AC, DC and Data protectors for your business. Give us a call to discuss a protection solution.

Product Solutions AC Products

Product Solutions DC and Telephone Products

ACT 421
AC Protector

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ACT 422-265-101
Telephone Protector

ACT 422-060-101
Ethernet Protector

ACT 423-007-BNC
(C/V or V)

Coax Cable Surge Suppressor

ACT 424-065-XXX RF
Coax Surge Arrestor


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